Kenneth W. Thomas, Ph.D.

The New Expanded Edition of : Intrinsic Motivation at Work

“Solidly grounded in research and theory, Intrinsic Motivation at Work allows readers to view the problem of motivation
in a different light and provides many practical, easy-to-implement techniques to engage and retain employees — techniques that do not depend upon additional expenditures of money.”

— Steven Kerr, Senior Advisor, Goldman Sachs; former Chief Learning Officer, GE; and author of Reward Systems

Stress Management

The Measure: The Stress Resiliency Profile

The Stress Resiliency Profile is a self-scoring assessment designed to give clients new insights into ways they may be unintentionally raising their stress level and reducing their job satisfaction and engagement. It measures the mental habits that shape their resiliency to potential stressors. By understanding the thought patterns that can cause stress, clients can improve their ability to effectively interpret situations and manage stress.




Three mental habits that create stress are identified and evaluated:

  • Deficiency focusing: the habit of focusing on the negatives at the expense of the positives
  • Necessitating: the tendency to think of tasks as inflexible demands that “must” be met, with little room for discretion or choice
  • Low skill recognition: the tendency to overlook the role of your own abilities in past successes, leaving you feeling vulnerable when facing new challenges
    The profile measures level of use of each of these habits and provides concrete suggestions for counteracting and modifying these habits – to increase resiliency to stress.

The Stress Resiliency Profile is a powerful assessment tool that will add new insights to any program related to stress or transition management. It can be used in a structured setting or as a stand-alone personal development exercise to give individuals fresh insight into their feelings about their job and their performance.

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