Kenneth W. Thomas, Ph.D.

The New Expanded Edition of : Intrinsic Motivation at Work

“Solidly grounded in research and theory, Intrinsic Motivation at Work allows readers to view the problem of motivation
in a different light and provides many practical, easy-to-implement techniques to engage and retain employees — techniques that do not depend upon additional expenditures of money.”

— Steven Kerr, Senior Advisor, Goldman Sachs; former Chief Learning Officer, GE; and author of Reward Systems

Leadership and Influence Styles

The Measure: The Power Base Inventory

The Power Base Inventory is designed to help your clients positively lead and influence others. Simple to use with just 30 carefully selected statement pairs, it indicates a person's level of use of each of the six “power bases”: Information, Expertise, Goodwill, Authority, Reward, and Discipline. Feedback is included that highlights appropriate uses for each of the power bases, identifies warning signals of both overuse and underuse of each style and suggests ways to strengthen one's ability to use styles appropriately. This versatile tool can be used in a wide variety of training and development applications, including management development, negotiation workshops, sales training and communication workshops.

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