Kenneth W. Thomas, Ph.D.

The New Expanded Edition of : Intrinsic Motivation at Work

“Solidly grounded in research and theory, Intrinsic Motivation at Work allows readers to view the problem of motivation
in a different light and provides many practical, easy-to-implement techniques to engage and retain employees — techniques that do not depend upon additional expenditures of money.”

— Steven Kerr, Senior Advisor, Goldman Sachs; former Chief Learning Officer, GE; and author of Reward Systems

Conflict Management

TKI Booklet

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) is the number one best-selling instrument for conflict styles. This easy-to-use, self-scoring exercise is fast and powerful. Participants select responses from 30 statement pairs to discover which of five conflict-handling styles is their preferred “mode.” Interpretation and feedback materials help them learn about the most appropriate uses for each mode and how to increase their comfort level with their less-used modes.

The TKI is available in either a self-scoring booklet or an online format.

“At Baker Hughes we use the TKI with our employees at the supervisory level to help them understand how they approach their employees in a conflict situation. It is really useful to make them aware that there are different ways of approaching conflict and that there is no wrong or right answer but that the cleverest thing to do is to be flexible enough to adapt your style to the situation.”
— Marcela Castagnino, Sr Training Specialist LAR — Baker Hughes

 Application Booklets for the TKI

These booklets are designed to accompany the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). They provide the next step in understanding and applying the five conflict-handling modes: avoiding, competing, accommodating, compromising, and collaborating.

Skill-Building Applications: Introduction to Conflict Management

Written for training and coaching, this booklet provides a deeper understanding of the conflict-handling modes and when to use each one. It also offers constructive tips on how to use each mode successfully. An ideal take-away for executive programs.

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Team Applications: Introduction to Conflict and Teams.

Written for team-building or team interventions, this booklet helps individuals understand their own conflict styles and those of their teammates in a constructive way. It also helps the team recognize its overall conflict style, the strengths and challenges of that style, and how it can overcome those challenges to operate more effectively.

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